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​Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg Favor Extension Of Sanctions On Russia Until Full Implementation Of Minsk Agreements

Тhe press office of the President of Ukraine has reported.

Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg favor extension of the sanctions on Russia until it fully implements the Minsk Agreements, the press office of the President of Ukraine has reported.

"The foreign affairs ministers have reiterated that the position of Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands is that it is necessary to extend the sanctions on Russia until full implementation of the Minsk Agreements," the report reads.

During a meeting with President Petro Poroshenko, Belgium's Foreign Affairs Minister Didier Reynders, Luxembourg's Foreign Affairs Minister Jean Asselborn, and the Netherlands' Foreign Affairs Minister Bert Koenders pointed out that this is a difficult time for all European countries and that the European Union has not forgotten about Ukraine and reaffirmed their firm solidarity with the Ukrainian people on the issue of support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

"It is very important for us to have a common and consolidated position with the European Union on the sanctions on Russia in connection with Russia's occupation of part of the territory of Donbas, a clear and firm position of non-recognition of Russia's annexation of Crimea, and maintenance of the sanctions in connection with this," said Poroshenko.

The ministers emphasized that they remained strong supporters of the peace process, noting the efforts of the Ukrainian side, which is fulfilling its obligations despite the difficult situation on the line of separation. In particular, they noted that Ukraine has completed the withdrawal of tanks, cannons of the 100-mm caliber, and mortars of the 120-mm caliber from the line of separation.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the Netherlands supports preservation of the sanctions against the Russia-annexed Crimea.

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