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Finance Ministry Points To Possible IMF Second Tranche Despite Moratorium On External Debt Service

The IMF wants to see progress in Ukraine's talks with lenders.

Ukraine might receive an IMF second tranche within the framework of the Extended Fund Facility Programme even if a moratorium on external debt service is imposed, Deputy Minister of Finance Artem Shevalev said at a news briefing.

"Moratorium will not hinder fund allocation," he noted.

The IMF wants to see progress in Ukraine's talks with lenders, Shevalev said.

According to Shevalev, the ministry will do its utmost for the IMF to agree on supporting Ukraine with its second tranche by August.

As Ukrainian News reported, the Ministry of Finance on June 19 presented the updated offer to Ukraine's creditors for foreign debt restructuring.

The proposals include writing off part of the debt, deferment of repayment, and reduction of interest rates.

Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko admits Ukraine's default in late July.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) had confirmed to call a tripartite meeting with Ukraine and its lenders in Washington (USA) on June 30.

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