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Poroshenko To Propose Rada Amend Constitution For Decentralisation On Wednesday

Poroshenko will propose the parliament to establish that Ukraine's administrative-territorial system is made up of communities, district and regions.

President Petro Poroshenko will propose the Verkhovna Rada to make amendments to the constitution in the part of decentralisation on Wednesday, he has announced when presenting the proposals for amending the Fundamental Law.

Poroshenko will propose the parliament to establish that Ukraine's administrative-territorial system is made up of communities, district and regions.

Ukraine's territory is divided into communities that are the primary unit in the nation's administrative-territorial system.

Territorial community can comprise inhabitants of one or several population centres it was created of.

Community exercises local self-government immediately by local referendums, via the system of local self-government and in other forms stipulated by law.

Community self-governing bodies are: community council as representative body and executive local government bodies controlled by and subordinate to council.

Community chairman presides over council sessions and heads executive body of local self-government.

District and regional councils and their executive committees too are self-governing authorities.

Regular elections of local councils of the three levels must take place on the last Sunday of October of the fourth year of powers of local self-governing bodies elected at previous elections.

Standing in local elections are allowed citizens aged over 18, living in the territory of the community, district or region where the elections are held.

Persons serving punishment for crime or having previous convictions for intentional crime cannot be elected.

In the event of chairperson of local government body or local council produce an anticonstitutional decision or act threatening state sovereignty, territorial integrity or national security, the President has the right to suspend such act.

Simultaneously with suspension of the powers the head of state has to apply the Constitutional Court, suspend the council's powers and also appoint an interim authorised government official.

Should the Constitutional Court find the local government body's decision as constitutional, the President would have to cancel his act; otherwise the parliament on recommendation of the President terminates the local government body's powers and calls an early election.

Snap elections must be held not later than 180th day after the date of termination of powers or suspension of powers by the President.

It is also proposed to institute prefects instead of local state administrations.

Prefect supervises observance of the constitution and laws by local government bodies, coordinate, activity of territorial bodies of central bodies of executive power, supervise their observance of the constitution and laws, and ensure execution of government programmes.

Prefect has the rights, in accordance with the legislation, to issue acts mandatory in a corresponding territory; if such acts contradict the constitution and laws they can be repealed by the President or the Cabinet of Ministers.

Moreover, the draft supposes that particularities of local self-government in separate administrative-territorial units in Donetsk and Luhansk Regions are stipulated by a separate law.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission) is pleased with the fact that its proposals were taken into account in the draft amendments to the constitution on decentralisation.

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