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Rada To Adopt New Version Of Law On Local Elections Based On Proportional System

The basis for the final draft of the law (the draft law No. 2831-3) was approved by 271 votes; only 226 votes were required for its approval.

The Verkhovna Rada intends to adopt a new version of the law "On Local Elections."

The basis for the final draft of the law (the draft law No. 2831-3) was approved by 271 votes; only 226 votes were required for its approval.

During consideration of the new version of the draft law, the parliamentary faction of the Batkivschyna All-Ukrainian Association party withdrew its draft law and two others, including a draft law prepared by a special working group of experts, were not put to the vote because they received the fewest number of votes during an indicative vote.

The draft law stipulates that elections of village and rural council deputies are to be based on the majority system, as before, while elections of regional, district, city, regional, and city district council are to be based not on a mixture of majority and proportional systems, but on proportional representation in multi-mandate districts based on lists of local chapters of political parties and blocs with simultaneous nomination of candidates in the territorial districts.

Names of parties (blocs) and the names of the candidates nominated by them will be listed on ballot papers, and a voter will be able to support one of the candidates listed on the ballot and his vote will be considered a vote for both the candidate and automatically for the party that nominated that candidate.

After elections, mandates will be distributed only among candidates from the lists that overcome the 5% barrier for parties and 7% barrier for blocs proportionally to the number of votes they won in territorial constituencies.

In addition, this draft law provides for reduction of the number of members of local councils, limiting the minimum number of deputies to 10 and the maximum to 80, depending on the number of voters in a constituency.

The draft law also provides for holding elections of mayors of cities with more than 90,000 voters in two rounds.

Specifically, it provides for holding elections based on the absolute majority system (the candidate that receives more than 50% of the votes wins) in the cities with 90,000 or more voters and based on the existing relative majority system (the candidate that receives the highest number of votes wins) in villages, towns, communities, and cities with fewer than 90,000 voters.

The draft law does not specify the procedure for conducting elections in occupied territories are territories not controlled by the central government (it has a provision stipulating that mayoral elections will not be held in Sevastopol before adoption of a law establishing the peculiarities of local self-government in Sevastopol).

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the current session of the parliament will end on July 17.

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