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Crimean Tatar TV Channel ATR Stops Broadcasting In Crimea

The management of the television channel made a live address to television viewers in the final hour of its broadcasting operations.

The Crimean Tatar television channel, ATR, stopped broadcasting in the Russia-annexed Crimea at 00:00 on April 1.

The "15 Minutes" online publication, which is also part of the ATR media holding, announced this in a statement.

The television channel was forced to stop broadcasting because the Federal Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media Supervision Service (Roskomnadzor) refused to register it under Russian legislation.

The management of the television channel made a live address to television viewers in the final hour of its broadcasting operations.

In particular, ATR's owner Lenur Islyamov said that he refused to sell the television channel despite persistent proposals to sell it.

"It was possible to agree on a format, but how can one sell journalists? Can one hang checks on them and sell them? That is impossible. Not only that, I do not want anyone to spit on my back in the Crimean Tatar environment, society," said Islyamov.

He stressed that the Crimean Tatar people have their own principles and traditions.

"We also have a right to this land, just as the people who claim that they are now the owners. We are the owners of this land... We have to defend our principles and national interests on this land. I insisted and will insist on this," said Islyamov.

The television channel's General Director Elzara Islyamova said that ATR and all other mass information media belonging to the ATR media holding intended to their attempts to obtain the permits that would allow them to resume broadcasting.

"Of course, we see what other forms can be... There are truncated forms of broadcasting. We are currently considering these possibilities. We are reorienting toward production. We still have a huge reservoir of work. There are a lot of topics that we would like to develop and film - many documentaries and historical films," she said.

According to the television channel's general director, she is hoping that the cessation of the channel's broadcasting operations is only a temporary measure.

The ATR television channel, the Liale children's television channel, Meydan radio station, the Avdet printing press, the Kyrym printing press, and others, as well as the QHA news agency must stop operations in the Crimea on April 1, 2015, because Roskomnadzor has refused to register them.

Earlier, the Crimean people's Mejlis said in a statement that the closure of independent Crimean Tatar mass media operating in the Russia-annexed Crimea violated the rights of the indigenous people of the Crimea and called on Crimeans of all nationalities to jointly protect the inalienable human rights.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Ukraine's National Television Council has called on providers to facilitate broadcasts of the ATR television channel in cable networks in Ukraine.

Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Culture Viacheslav Kyrylenko considers it necessary to provide opportunities for broadcast of Crimean Tatar infotainment channel ATR on mainland Ukraine.

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