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​SBU Apprehends Five Suspected Of String Of Terror Attacks In Odesa

The devices used by the suspects in several terror attacks are identical with the explosives.

Officers with the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) have apprehended five Ukrainian suspected of committing a string of terror attacks in Odesa, Markiyan Lubkivskyi, an advisor to the SBU chief, has told a news briefing.

He says one of the detained persons is an Armed Forces turntail.

Lubkivskyi underlines, the suspects were cooking explosives to blow up a premise of a volunteer movement in Odesa.

The SBU recovered ammunition and weapons in the terrorist group’s garage.

They keep working to detain other Odesa terrorist attacks suspects.

One of the suspected men may have to do with at least three terror attacks in Odesa.

A destruction packed stockpile of arms was seized from the suspect: pistols, SKS Carbine, over twenty grenades F- and RGD-5, 16 hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers RPG-22, more than 6,000 cartridges for automatic and small-arms weapons.

The devices used by the suspects in several terror attacks are identical with the explosives.

The person who was making them for the terrorists has been identified: a Mykolayiv Region resident who was held together with his accomplice on March 12 in Illichivsk, Odesa Region during a special-forces raid.

Explosives of 3.5kg TNT power was seized from the detained person had had readied for another crime.

The investigation has found out that this self-made explosive device was meant to bomb another volunteer centre in Odesa.

Earlier, police caught three inhabitants of the unrecognised Transnistrian Moldovan Republic suspected of committing acts of terrorism in Odesa.

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