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ATO Forces Pulling Back Heavy Weaponry In Donbas

The pullback of heavy weaponry continues at the moment.

The anti-terrorist operation (ATO) forces have embarked upon pulling back heavy weaponry from the contact line in Donbas, acting spokesman of the Central Command of the Armed Forces Vladyslav Selezniov has told a news briefing.

"The ATO forces have begun withdrawal of armaments," he said.

The pullback of heavy weaponry continues at the moment.

"Ukraine is proceeding to pull back 100mm guns from the line of contact. This first step towards withdrawal of heavy weaponry will be only under the OSCE monitoring and verification," the Central Command press service said.

The Ukrainian party demands complete cessation of fire and immediate fulfillment of the 'Minsk accords'.

Should pro-Russian militants attempt assaults, the schedule of pullback of heavy weaponry would be adjusted.

The Ukrainian military are all set to defend their country.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the ATO command staff say conditions have been created for withdrawal of heavy weaponry in Donbas.

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