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​EU Introduces Sanctions Against 14 Persons From DPR And LPR, 5 Russian Officials, 9 Fighters' Organizations

In particular, the sanctions were introduced against deputies of the State Duma [Parliament] of the Russian Federation Iosif Kobzon and Valery Rashkin.

European Union has introduced sanctions against 14 persons from self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people's republics, five Russian officials and nine organizations of pro-Russian fighters, reads the Official Journal of the EU of February 16.

In particular, the sanctions were introduced against deputies of the State Duma [Parliament] of the Russian Federation Iosif Kobzon, Valery Rashkin, and head of the central operational department-deputy head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia Andrey Kartapalov, deputy defense minister Anatoly Antonov, first deputy defense minister of Russia Arkady Bakhin.

The EU also introduced sanctions against some officials of DPR and LPR.

The list includes deputy commander of "Defense Ministry" office of DPR Eduard Basurin, "justice minister" of DPR Yekaterina Filippova, "budget minister" of DPR Alexandr Timofeev, "communication minister" of DPR Viktor Yatsenko, "economic development and trade minister" of LPR Olga Besedina, acting "prosecutor general " of LPR Zaur Islaimov, "budget minister" of LPR Yevgeny Manuilov, commander of "people's police" of LPR Sergey Ignatov, deputy chairperson of "council of ministers" of LPR Sergey Litvin, and "justice minister" of LPR Alexandr Shubin.

The EU also introduced sanctions against commander of First Kazak Regiment Pavel Driomov (nicknamed Batya), commander of battalion Sparta Arseny Pavlov (nicknamed Motorola), commander of subversion and attack group Rusich Alexey Milchakov (nicknamed "Фриц"), and commander of battalion Somali Mikhail Tolstykh (nicknamed Givi).

Besides, the sanctions were introduced against organizations of fighters, such as Kazak national guard, battalions Sparta, Somali, Zarya, Oplot, Smert, Kalmius, brigades Prizrak and movement Novorossiya.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, on February 13, Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel said she did not rule out further introduction of sanctions against Russia in case February 12 agreements are not observed.

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