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Donetsk Traffic Interchange Shelling Kills 13

The fire was supposedly delivered from a so-called roving mortar mounted in a van.

Mortaring of a traffic interchange in Leninskyi district of Donetsk at 09:00 left 13 people dead.

The fire was supposedly delivered from a so-called roving mortar mounted in a van.

The Bosse Plant tram stop was the focus of the shelling; it is where most of the people were killed.

Moreover, people on a passing-by trolleybus and those on the opposite to the stop side of the street were killed.

Eyewitnesses say many were wounded but the exact number is not known yet.

The Donetsk city administration of the "Donetsk People's Republic" (DPR) says there was a direct hit at trolleybus 17 that killed seven passengers, and also terminal stop of trolleybus 5, and hit at a bus of route 37 and tram 3.

The Donetsk Region State Administration has received reports that eight people were killed in the bombardment of a passenger transport stop in the Donetsk district Leninskyi.

Seven more were taken to hospitals on ambulances.

The Administration also says that some of the victims were evacuated from the scene on other transport.

Deputy Chairman of the "people's council" Denys Pushylin told Russian Federation journalists that the today's incident would complicate the implementation of the arrangements heads of the 'Normandy Four' Foreign Affairs Ministries reached in Berlin, Germany on January 21.

As Ukrainian News reported, on January 13, 12 people were killed and 16 wounded after a shell hit a Volnovakha - Zlatoustivka passenger-carrying coach near Volnovakha, Donetsk Region.

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