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71% Of Respondents Consider Themselves Happy, 'Rating' Poll Says

In all, 2,400 people were questioned.

A poll, conducted by the sociological group Rating, suggests that 71% of the respondents consider themselves happy.

Thus, 28% of the pollees consider themselves happy exactly, 43% probably happy, 14% rather unhappy, and 4% unhappy, while 11% were undecided.

Moreover, family brings happiness to 68% of the respondents, children to 56% and friends to 44%.

The poll suggests 25% of the pollees believe that money and getting presents is the main source of happiness in life, 24% work and getting presents, 23% making presents, 20% sharing time with nature, 19% music, 18% household chores, 16% travels and internet; 3% failed to reply, and nothing brings happiness to 4%.

In all, 2,400 people were questioned.

Research representativeness error is not higher than 2.1%.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Ukraine was 87th on the United Nations Organization Happiness Index in 2013.

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