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Communication Commission Invites Tender For 3G-Communication Licensing

The lowest cost of the license is UAH 2.7 billion.

The National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization has invited a tender for the assignation of licenses for 3G community (UMTS standard).

Respective decision was taken at the Tuesday meeting of the Commission.

The tender offers three licenses 30 MHz each (1920-1935/2110-2125, 1950-1965/2140-2155, 1965-1980/2155-2170 MHz) in each region for the period of 15 years.

The lowest cost of the license is UAH 2.7 billion.

The total cost of the radio frequency conversion is UAH 1.601 billion and will be divided into equal parts among tender winners.

At that, the price of the conversion is still inflation index-linked.

The first stage of the conversion will make up 23 months from the date of the tender and its total cost is UAH 532.5 million.

The second stage will last 18 months at the price of UAH 534.51 million.

The third stage of the conversion will take 17 months at the price of UAH 534.4 million.

The conversion will be paid proportionally to the number of lots at equal conditions.

The requirements of a license give an operator the following terms to cover the area with 3G mobile communication network: 18 month from license receipt on the territory of all regional centers of Ukraine and 2-6 years on the territory of all settlements with the population of over 10,000.

The tender security is 10% of the radio frequency cost or UAH 270 million.

The requirements of the tender do not specify the peculiarities of coverage of the territories of Donbas [historical region that includes northern part of Donetsk region, and southern part of Luhansk region] and Russia-annexed Crimea.

The Cabinet of Ministers raised the state council of 3G license by 10.5% to UAH 2.7 billion.

On November 28, the Commission validated the conditions for a tender for receipt of 3G communication licenses.

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