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Poroshenko Promises Recommend Yatseniuk's Candidacy For PM Without Delay If Supported By Coalition

The President underlines, the reforms must start immediately.

President Petro Poroshenko promises to recommend candidacy of the incumbent prime minister, Arsenii Yatseniuk, for PM without delay if supported by the parliamentary coalition, reads the President's address to the Ukrainian nation on occasion of the Day of Dignity and Freedom.

"Judging from the fellowship of democratic forces, I expect the coalition to accept my proposal to nominate Arsenii Yatseniuk to this post. But the composition of the Government must be renewed," the address said.

The President underlines, the reforms must start immediately; their goal is stepwise achievement of European living standards, in order that Ukraine to be able to apply for European Union membership.

Poroshenko thanked Ukrainian people for courage, patriotism, self-possession and patience.

He separately thanked the Ukrainian army for heroism and bravery when defending the Motherland.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Poroshenko established the Day of Dignity and Freedom on November 21.

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