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Switzerland Tightens Sanctions Against Russia Because Of Situation In Donbas

The press service of the Federal Council of Switzerland announced this in a statement.

Switzerland has tightened sanctions against Russia because of the situation in Donbas. The press service of the Federal Council of Switzerland announced this in a statement.

"In view of the situation in Ukraine, and following decisions taken by the EU, the Federal Council today decided to adopt further measures to prevent the circumvention of international sanctions," the statement said.

Switzerland tightened sanctions in the area of finance: trade in new financial instruments with a maturity exceeding 30 days (previously 90 days) issued by five Russian banks and six companies, and the granting of loans with a maturity exceeding 30 days to those five banks and six companies, are subject to authorization.

In addition, 24 names have been added to the existing list of persons and companies with whom financial intermediaries are prohibited from entering into new business relationships and whose existing business dealings are subject to a duty to notify.

According to the statement, the tighter sanctions came into effect at 19:00, Kiev time, on Tuesday.

Switzerland continues to monitor the situation in Ukraine closely and reserves the right to take further measures depending on how the situation develops, the statement said.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Switzerland expanded the list of military and dual-use goods that cannot be exported to Russia and Ukraine in August.

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