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2 Children Killed, 4 Wounded By Shelling Of Stadium Near Donetsk School

They were on the stadium during the bombardment.

Two children were killed and four wounded after artillery shelling of a stadium near a school in Donetsk, Ukrainian News Agency has learned from a well-informed source.

In his words, three artillery shells hit the stadium near School 63 in Kuibyshevskyi district of Donetsk.

There were children on the stadium during the bombardment.

Official information is to be updated.

Ukrainian News Agency has learned from Rinat Akhmetov's headquarters that one pupil of eight form and one 18-year-old youngster, who finished this school last year, were killed.

Akhmetov himself finished the same school.

Three of the injured are 17 years old and one 21 years.

They have been taken to the intensive care unit of the Donetsk Regional Traumatology Polyclinic in grave and medium condition.

Medics assure that for tonight they have all necessary medicaments and drugs to save the victims.

Rinat Akhmetov's headquarters assumes all costs of treatment of the victims.

Akhmetov personally is keeping the situation under control.

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