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Police Detain Svoboda Parliamentary Candidate Zakharchuk’s Son On Suspicion Of Attacking Police With Chain Near Rada On October 14

This was announced by Interior Affairs Minister Arsen Avakov.

Police have detained Viktor Zakharchuk, the son of parliamentary candidate for the Svoboda All-Ukrainian Association party Oleksandr Zakharchuk, on suspicion of attacking law enforcement officers with a chain near the parliament building on October 14.

This was announced by Interior Affairs Minister Arsen Avakov.

"That guy in the green t-shirt with a chain... He was detained literally 30 minutes ago," he said.

The detainee is a native of the Zhytomyr region and the son of Oleksandr Zakharchuk, who is a parliamentary candidate in Constituency No. 65.

Nationalist Oleksandr (Oleh) Vakhnyi was also detained on Thursday on suspicion of attacking the police near the parliament.

A court ordered arrest of both suspects.

In total, the court ordered the arrests of 12 suspects in the riots near the parliament. Administrative complaints were filed against 17 people and 14 were released because of lack of evidence.

Avakov expects the number of people detained to increase.

The minister believes that the riot near the parliament was prompted by the desire of certain political parties to boost their ratings ahead of parliamentary elections.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, police have begun investigating the riots near the parliament as an act of hooliganism.

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