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Naftogaz: Ukraine's Position In Negotiations With Gazprom May Strengthen After Regulation Of Gas Transport Tariffs

Naftogaz of Ukraine announced this in a statement.

The Naftogaz of Ukraine national joint-stock company has said that Ukraine's position in negotiations with the Gazprom gas monopoly (Russia) may strengthen after adoption of the Cabinet of Ministers resolution entitled "On Improvement of State Policy on Regulation of Operations involving Transportation of Natural Gas via Mainline Pipelines through the Territory of Ukraine."

Naftogaz of Ukraine announced this in a statement.

The adopted Cabinet of Ministers resolution on regulating tariffs for transportation of natural gas will strengthen Ukraine's energy security strengthen Ukraine's position in negotiations with Gazprom, and help to bring contractual relations on transit of gas in accordance with the provisions of the European Union's Third Energy Package, which Ukraine should implement before January 1, 2015.

This resolution introduces state regulation of transportation of natural gas through the territory of Ukraine.

In addition, it provides for approval of the Interim Procedures for Setting Tariffs for Transportation of Gas based on an "in/out" tariff system for the gas entry and exit points located on the border of Ukraine.

The resolution is based on the principles of equal access to the Ukrainian gas transport system, non-discrimination, transparency, and economic feasibility.

According to Naftogaz of Ukraine, the adoption of the resolution will allow creation of a competitive gas market, efficient operation of Ukraine's gas transport system, and further development of the gas transport system with the aim of integrating the national market of natural gas into the European Union's market.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Ukraine expects to receive the interim decision of the of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (Sweden) on the gas dispute between Naftogaz of Ukraine and Gazprom in the period of October-November.

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