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Economy Ministry Prepares List Of Goods To Be Targeted By Ukraine's Retaliatory Measures If Russia Imposes Customs Duties On Ukrainian Goods

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade announced this in a statement.

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade has prepared a list of goods that will be affected by Ukraine's retaliatory measures if the Russian government adopts a resolution on imposition of customs duties on Ukrainian goods. The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade announced this in a statement.

According to it, the ministry will present for discussion the list of goods that may be excluded from the free trade regime during importation from Russia into Ukraine if the Russian government's resolution No. 959 of September 19 enters into force.

Such goods include food: fish, milk and dairy products, vegetables, processed products, coffee, tea, spices, sauces, oils and fats of animal and vegetable origin, sugar, cocoa, confectionery products, including flour, ice cream as well as finished products from grains and cereals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and vinegar.

The list also includes animal food, as well as tobacco and its substitutes.

In addition, the list includes fertilizers, some chemicals, essential oils, cosmetics, household chemicals, fireworks, plastics, polymeric materials and articles thereof, rubber and articles from it, clothing made of various materials, shoes, and furniture.

Also on the list are articles from stone, plaster, asbestos, glass, cement, ferrous metals, various tools, equipment, refrigerators, cars, television equipment, as well as railcars, locomotives, and vehicles.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the Russian government has adopted a resolution that provides for imposition of customs duties on Ukrainian goods, but it does not intend to adopt the resolution before Ukraine implements the economic component of the association agreement between Ukraine and the European Union.

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