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Hungary Stops Reverse-Flow Gas Supplies To Ukraine

The statement says that the stoppage gas supply was surprising and inexplicable.

Hungary has stopped reverse-flow gas supplies to Ukraine, reads a statement made by the national joint-stock company Naftogaz of Ukraine.

"On Thursday, September 25, Hungary stopped transmission of gas to Ukraine. At 17:55 Kyiv time Ukrtransgas, the Ukrainian gas transport system operator, received by email a message from the Hungarian gas transport system operator FGSZ on stopping delivery of gas from 19:00 on technical grounds 'until further notice'," it said.

The statement says that the stop is several days after the visit of Gazprom representative to Hungary and several hours ahead of the next round of trilateral gas talks by Ukraine, Russia and the European Union.

"The Hungarian authorities made this decision after Gazprom Chief Executive Officer Alexey Miller met with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on September 22. This was several hours ahead of the next round of trilateral meeting by Ukraine, Russia and the European Union, which is due to begin on Friday morning in Berlin," it said.

The statement says that the stoppage gas supply was surprising and inexplicable.

According to the statement, Ukrtransgas and FGSZ have a contract regulating the gas flow between Ukraine and Hungary in both directions.

But neither operator has a standard interconnection agreement, though Ukrtransgas many times asked to sign this agreement in compliance with the requirements of the Energy Community.

"Naftogaz has a contract with private companies from Western Europe for gas supply to Ukraine via Hungary. On Thursday FGSZ stopped providing transit capacities to these companies and, respectively, the gas flow from Hungary to Ukraine stopped. Volumes of gas transit from Ukraine to Hungary have not changed so far," the statement said.

FGSZ was unable to provide any additional information about the causes and duration of the interruption to Ukrtransgas or Naftogaz.

As to Naftogaz, Western European gas suppliers either received no FGSZ's reasonable explanation of this situation.

Naftogaz hopes that the sudden termination will not affect stability of operation of the system, and confirms its reliability as a partner.

The company calls the EU to adopt a collective decision to ensure security of energy supply for Europe and adherence to the EU domestic rules

Naftogaz hopes this sudden stop will have no aftergrowth for stability Ukrainian transit system.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, in September Poland suspended temporarily reverse-flow gas supplies to Ukraine.

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