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Rada Passes Law On Lustration

Rada Passes Law On Lustration

On the third try bill received votes of 231 Members of Parliament, while 226 votes enough for approval.

The Verkhovna Rada has passed the draft Law on Purging Governing Authorities (on lustration) in second reading.

On the third try bill No.4359a as a whole received votes of 231 Members of Parliament, while 226 votes enough for approval.

But the text of the document in the second reading is not available at the Rada's official website.

Non-faction Member of Parliament Yurii Derevianko, who chairs the workgroup preparing the draft law on lustration for second reading, says the norm of special checkup of those officials whose positions are electoral (deputies, Constitutional Court judges and so on) was removed from the law.

Other changes were not voiced.

The edition of the law, the workgroup developed and handed over to the responsible parliamentary committee, proposed to check parliament Speaker and his deputies, the prime minister, first vice prime minister, vice prime ministers, ministers and heads of central bodies of executive power and their deputies, chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), the prosecutor general, governor of the National Bank of Ukraine, all professional judges, leadership and members of the High Council of Justice and of the Higher Qualification Commission of Judges, officials with the Defence Ministry, the General Staff, military administration bodies, employees of the State Guard Department of the state concerns Tehvoyenservis and UkrOboronProm, staff of the internal affairs bodies, prosecutors, SBU, diplomatic services, and members of the Central Electoral Commission.

This check will be automatically failed for the law-enforcers, who were employed at executive positions under President Viktor Yanukovych, who took actions against peaceful people from November 21, 2013 to February 22, 2014, investigators at pre-trial inquiry bodies, prosecutors' offices, and other persons who infringed citizens' rights from 2010 to 2014, investigators at pre-trial inquiry bodies, prosecutors' offices, and other persons who infringed citizens' rights from 2010 to 2014.

Apart from that, this check will not be allowed for persons who were occupying policy-making posts at the communist parties of the USSR, Ukraine and other Soviet Republics until August 19, 1991 and collaborating with the Committee for State Security and other secret services; as well as persons nominated by political party of being on faction of party forbidden through judicial procedures; and persons who will not be able to prove origin of their declared income is legal.

For holding the checks it was supposed to reorganise the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service into a central body of executive power for civil service, created by the Cabinet of Ministers, answerable to the Rada, and subordinate to Parliament, Government and President.

It was supposed that the prime minister appoints/dismisses the head of this body; chairman of this body is granted status of a member of the Cabinet of Ministers, and the body itself is granted a special status, and its employees appointed through competitive selection.

Terms of special checkups were proposed to be limited with three months with possible prolongation by one more month.

When checking agency finds inconsistencies in the documents submitted by the subject, he/she can be rejected appointment to the post, or can be discharged or taken to criminal, administrative or disciplinary responsibility.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, on Tuesday the Rada ratified the Association Agreement with the European Union.

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