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EU Imposes Sanctions Against 24 DPR, LPR Representatives, Crimean, Russia's Parliament Officials

The sanctions envision ban on entrance to the EU, as well as the freezing of their account.

(Ukrainian News, Antonina Turpak, 09/12/2014) The European Union has introduced sanctions against 24 persons involved in activity of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people's republics, as well as against the officials of Russia-annexed Crimea and the Russian State Duma (Parliament), reads the Official Journal of the European Union.

In particular, the sanctions were imposed against Alexander Zakharchenko (self-proclaimed prime minister of DPR), Vladimir Kononov (self-proclaimed defense minister of DPR), Miroslav Ridenko (self-proclaimed head of DPR police), Gennady Tsyplakov (self-proclaimed prime minister of LPR), Andrey Pinchuk (self-proclaimed security minister of DPR), Oleh Berioza (self-proclaimed interior affairs minister of DPR), Andrey Rodkin (representative of DPR in Moscow), Aleksandr Karaman (DPR), Georgy Muradov (vice prime minister of Crimea), Mikhail Sheremet (first vice prime minister of Crimea).

Besides, the sanctions were also imposed against Yury Vorobiov (deputy chairperson of the Federation Council), Vladimir Zhirinovsky (State Duma deputy), Vladimir Vasiliyev (vice speaker of the Russian Parliament), Viktor Vodolatsky (Russian parliamentary deputy), Leonid Kalashnikov (Russian parliamentary deputy), Vladimir Nikitin (Russian parliamentary deputy), Oleh Lebedev (Russian parliamentary deputy), Nikolay Levichev (Russian parliamentary deputy), Svetlana Zhurova (Russian parliamentary deputy), Alexey Naumets (major general of Russian army), Ivan Melnikov (Russian parliamentary deputy), Igor Lebedev (Russian parliamentary deputy), Sergey Chemezov (Rostec corporation director general) and Alexander Babakov (Russian parliamentary deputy).

The sanctions envision ban on entrance to the EU for the said persons, as well as the freezing of their account.

The restrictions were passed in view of their involvement in the violation of territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the United States intends to toughen sanctions against Russia due to its actions in Ukraine.

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