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German Chancellor Merkel For Preserving Ukraine's Territorial Integrity

Meanwhile, she pointed to importance of retaining language identity in Ukraine.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stands for preserving Ukraine's territorial integrity, she has told a news conference after talks with President Petro Poroshenko.

"We know that Ukraine is a land with different regions, and it is very important that we think how to keep all these regions together," said Merkel.

Meanwhile, she pointed to importance of retaining language identity in Ukraine.

Merkel also favours diplomatic settlement of the situation in Ukraine and assures that her country is ready to apply best efforts for peaceful resolving of the situation.

She thinks Poroshenko's meeting with the Presidents of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and European Union officials in Minsk, Belarus on August 26 can create an opportunity for achieving a certain progress.

"We want to find a solution that will be acceptable for all sides and will be a foundation for preservation of Ukraine's territorial integrity," Merkel summed up.

In the Chancellor's words she stands by Poroshenko's intention to respect the interests of all people of Ukraine, including the Russian-speaking.

She thinks the matter of language and cultural identity must not hamper peaceful settlement of the situation, and wants the Ukrainian authorities to adopt decisions on these matters collectively.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Merkel calls all sides to cease fire in the east of Ukraine.

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