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Cabinet Proposing Rada Approve 26 Kinds Of Sanctions On Foreign Entities

Cabinet Proposing Rada Approve 26 Kinds Of Sanctions On Foreign Entities

Sanctions will be imposed by the President's decree.

(Ukrainian News, Artem Danylchenko, 08/08/2014) The Cabinet of Ministers is proposing the Verkhovna Rada to approve 26 kinds of sanctions on foreign entities, Prime Minister Arsenii Yatseniuk has told a news briefing.

"For imposing sanctions the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved draft Law of Ukraine on Sanctions, as this is the first time in the history of Ukraine when we as a state use sanctions in regard to foreign entities that commit crimes against our country and our citizens. Under the law Ukraine has the right to apply 26 kinds of sanctions," said the Premier.

In particular, the bill envisages such kinds of sanctions as asset freezing; prohibition of entrepreneurship entities' activity in Ukraine's territory; prohibition of using radio-frequency resources, internet and other modes of communications; prohibition of participation in privatisation; imposing full or partial ban on transiting all types of resources.

They also suppose possibility of imposing special economic measures, such as licensing and quota assignment procedures; holding special kinds of checks of financial operations; and shutting off financial operations.

Moreover, they suppose such kind of sanctions as entry and movement ban.

The bill says Ukraine also can put restrictions or ban production or distribution of graphic arts production and other information materials, halt commercial contracts, joint projects and industrial programmes in separate spheres, in particular in the sphere of security and defence.

Moreover, sanctions comprise prohibition of passing technologies and rights to intellectual property objects, stopping cultural exchanges, scientific cooperation, educational and sport contacts, entertainment programmes with foreign states and foreign corporations.

Moreover, on the list of sanctions are banning activities of parties, movements and other non-government and religious organisations, stripping of Ukrainian state awards.

The National Security and Defence Council is to make decision to approve sanctions on basis of petition from the Government, President, Security Service of Ukraine or the National Bank.

Sanctions will be imposed by the President's decree.

The law enters into force next day after publication.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the Cabinet of Ministers has moved forward with an initiative of imposing sanctions on 172 persons and 65 entities in the Russian Federation for backing and financing terrorism, backing annexation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, and for infringement of Ukraine's territorial integrity.

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