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Maidan Coordination Council To Hold Popular Assembly On Thursday At 19:00

"We convene all citizens, all Kyivans today for a popular assembly at 19:00," said Andrii Khoma.

(Ukrainian News, Oleh Chernysh, 08/07/2014) Maidan coordination council is going to hold an unscheduled popular assembly on Thursday at 19:00 over a presumable mopping up of protesters in the centre of Kyiv, head of Maidan coordination council Andrii Khoma has announced from the stage in Independence Square [Maidan Nezalezhnosti].

"We convene all citizens, all Kyivans today for a popular assembly at 19:00," he said.

He says security agencies plan to mop up Maidan today, and to prevent this situation he calls ordinary citizens to support activists remaining in Maidan.

Moreover, Khoma describes the security agencies' and public utilities' attempt to remove barricades in central Kyiv on Thursday morning as start of a coup.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko finds legal the Kyiv authorities' actions to pull down tents and barricades in Maidan Nezalezhnosti.

Protesters, who are mostly living in Maidan Nezalezhnosti and adjacent buildings in Kyiv, have driven away public utility workers and also law-enforcement officers, who were trying to pull down barricades and tents in Maidan and Khreschatyk Street.

Fifty people set to fire tyres in Maidan Nezalezhnosti and are protesting against the demounting of tents in Khreschatyk Street from the side of Yevropeiska Square.

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