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Rada Ratifies Agreement With Netherlands, Australia On Sending Armed Personnel To Investigate Malaysia Airlines Crash Site

Parliamentary Deputy Serhii Labaziuk of the Sovereign European Ukraine group announced this to journalists.

The parliament has ratified an agreement with the Netherlands and Australia on sending an international mission (up to 700 armed personnel) to protect the site where a Malaysia Airlines airliner crashed in the Donetsk region.

Parliamentary Deputy Serhii Labaziuk of the Sovereign European Ukraine group announced this to journalists.

"Ratification of both [agreements] was supported... The first with Australia by 321 votes and the second by about the same [number of votes]," he said.

The mission is being created to facilitate collection of fragments of the plane and conduct of an investigation, and it will consist of military and non-military personnel (not more than 700 armed personnel) from the Netherlands, Australia, and other countries whose nationals were on the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17.

The mission is answerable to its head, who will be appointed by the Netherlands, and it is obliged to comply with Ukrainian legislation.

The mission has the freedom to move in areas related to the investigation of the crash and the right to request permission from Ukraine to move into other areas.

The mission is allowed to maintain contact with the monitoring mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which establishes contact with local, regional, and central government agencies, civil society, and the local population.

Members of the mission are allowed to wear a field uniform, carry weapons, and use force in self-defense and for performance of its operations.

Weapons, equipment, vehicles, aircraft, oil and lubricants, equipment, and other products intended for use by members of the mission can be imported into Ukraine temporarily without payment of taxes.

The agreement is for a period of one year, and it will enter into force on the date that the Netherlands receives a diplomatic note that Ukraine has implemented the necessary domestic procedures.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Ukraine and the Netherlands agreed on July 24 to cooperate in the investigation of the downing of the Malaysia Airlines airliner.

Foreign Minister of the Netherlands Frans Timmenmans and Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister/Minister for Regional Development, Construction, Housing, and Utility Services Volodymyr Hroisman signed an agreement on the international mission for protecting the investigation of the plane crash in Kyiv on July 28.


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