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Security Service Of Ukraine Blaming Russia For Tampering Evidence

The SBU states that the so-called "Russian evidence" seems to be forged and refined.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has blamed the Russian Federation for tampering the evidence of the Ukrainian army's alleged involvement in shooting down the Malaysia Airlines passenger jet over Donetsk region, the SBU said in the press-release.

"The Security Service of Ukraine has received satellite imagery data confirming that the Russian Defense Ministry adulterated the data on the Boeing 777 crash in Donetsk region announced at the news briefing on July 21, 2014," Vitalii Naida, the SBU counterintelligence head, said.

The SBU states that the so-called "Russian evidence" seems to be forged and refined.

Naida supposed the photos having been shot by Russian spy satellites at another time, long before the Malaysia Airlines jet crash.

The data made public by the General Staff of the Russian Federation are untrue and aimed at developing a false version of Russian armed forces' non-involvement in the terror attack on the civilian aircraft with the Buk-M1 surface-to air missile system.

In examining the satellite imagery of the antiterrorist operation in the border territory of Donetsk region the SBU found out the corridor of military equipment and weapons delivery the pro-Russian rebels had illegally paved through Ukrainian fields.

In the pictures one can clearly see the rebels' armored and automotive vehicles deployed in the eastern inhabited localities of Ukraine, as well as the places of illegal crossing of the Ukrainian state border by Russian saboteurs.

The SBU also displayed the pictures depicting the deployment of Russian Grad rocket launcher systems which were carried illegally to Ukraine and fired shell against this country's populated areas.

As Ukrainian News reported, the presidential administration does not think it necessary to cease the antiterrorist operation for the international experts to proceed with investigating the Malaysia Airlines plane crash in Donetsk region.


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