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Ukraine in brief. Friday, July 25

Ukraine in brief. Friday, July 25

Acting Prime Minister Hroisman; IMF second tranche; Ukrainian flight operations officers unguilty in Malaysia Airlines jetliner crash; new Canada's sanctions; Ziuganov, Zhirinovsky under investigation; victims of combat actions; Russia's Court not to release Savchenko on bail; Russian Security Services intends to liquidate Bezler, Girkin, Bolotov; Gazprom, Centragas Holding to close RosUkrEnergo; Yarosh on international wanted list; new war tax

09:28 The Cabinet of Ministers has appointed Vice Prime Minister/Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing Utility Services Volodymyr Hroisman as acting prime minister of Ukraine, reads resolution No. 658-r of July 24.

According to the resolution, in view of respective resignation statement by Prime Minister Arsenii Yatseniuk, acting prime minister of Ukraine is Hroisman.

On July 24 Yatseniuk resigned.


09:56 The International Monetary Fund will consider the allocation of the second tranche of the stand-by loan program worth USD 1.4 billion to Ukraine in late August, the Fund said.

According to the report, the IMF is not eyeing the reduction of the cooperation program with Ukraine.

The mission of the International Monetary Fund intends to recommend the IMF to allot the second tranche of the stand-by loan agreement worth USD 1.4 billion.

On June 24, the IMF mission arrived in Ukraine on an official visit.

In late April, IMF approved the stand-by loan program worth USD 17.01 billion for Ukraine and in May it allotted the first tranche worth USD 3.19 billion within the said program.


10:00 The commission engaged in investigation into the crash of the Malaysia Airlines jetliner in Donetsk region says that Ukrainian flight operations officers were not guilty of the incident, the commission has written in the Facebook.

Therefore, international experts have no remarks to the work of Ukrainian flight operations officers.

Ukraine and the Netherlands have agreed to cooperate in the investigation into the air crash.


11:13 Canada has introduced sanctions against 10 Russian companies, self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people's republics (DPR and LPR respectively), as well as against their eight representatives due to the situation in the east of Ukraine, press service of the Canadian embassy said.

In particular, the sanctions were imposed against the Gazprombank open joint-stock company, Novotek open joint-stock company and Vneshekonombank.

Besides, the sanctions touched upon a number of Russian companies engaged in defense sector.

They are the Bazalt Scientific-Production Association open joint-stock company; Radioelectronic Technologies Concern open joint-stock company, and the Sozvezdie Concern open joint-stock company.

At the same time, the sanctions are aimed at several missile and space companies: Scientific-Production Engineering Association Military and Industrial Corporation open joint-stock company; Almaz-Antey Concern open joint-stock company; Kalashnikov Concern open joint-stock company, and Tool Building Design Bureau open joint-stock company.

Canada introduced sanctions against the following representatives of self-proclaimed DPR and LPR: "vice prime minister for enforcement sector" of DPR Vladimir Antiufeev; "acting prime minister of Council of Ministers" of LPR Marat Bashirov; "prime minister" of DPR Aleksandr Boroday; "interior affairs minister" of LPR Yury Ivankin; "vice prime minister for social policy" of DPR Aleksandr Kaliussky; "chairperson of Supreme Council" of LPR Alexey Kariakin; "information minister" of DPR Aleksandr Khriakov; and "vice prime minister of Council of Ministers" of LPR Vasily Nikitin.

In July Canada imposed additional sanctions against 14 persons due to violation of Ukraine's sovereignty.


12:09 The Ministry of Interior Affairs has launched investigation against Russia's State Duma deputies Gennady Ziuganov and Vladimir Zhirinovsky suspected of financing terrorists in the east of Ukraine, adviser of interior affairs minister Zorian Shkiriak has written on Facebook.

No other details have been reported.

The Ministry of Interior Affairs has put defense minister of Russia Sergey Shoigu and Russian entrepreneur Konstantin Malofeev on wanted list.


12:39 A total of 13 people were killed and 14 wounded in the course of combat actions in Donetsk region on July 24, the regional state administration said.

According to the health care department as at 12:00, Friday, over last 24 hours wounded were 13 people and killed 14.

One was killed and two were wounded in course of shelling Donetsk by terrorists on July 24.


13:17 The Voronezh regional court (Russia) has denied release of arrested Ukrainian officer Nadiya Savchenko on bail of RUB 500,000, her Russian attorney Nikolay Polozov has written in Twitter.

He called such court's decision absolutely illegal.

Russian attorneys of Russia-arrested Ukrainian officer Nadiya Savchenko ask the Voronezh regional court (Russia) to release her on bail of RUB 500,000.

Ukraine is asking Russian court to release Ukrainian officer Savchenko on bail.

Savchenko's defense demands that the Investigation Committee of Russia investigate her kidnapping from the territory of Ukraine.


13:30 A total of 13 military men were killed and 19 were wounded in the course of combat operation on July 24, spokesperson of the information center of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Andrii Lysenko has told a briefing.

He also added that 19 Ukrainian troopers were wounded.

A total of 325 Ukrainian military men were killed and 1,232 were wounded over the antiterrorist operation period.


13:35 Adviser of the interior affairs minister Zorian Shkiriak says that Russian security services intends to liquidate heads of terrorists Igor Bezler (nicknamed Bes), Igor Girkin (nicknamed Strelok) and Valery Bolotov, he has told a briefing.

Shkiriak noted that the said persons are not only direct participants of crimes, but also major witnesses of the Russia's crimes in the east of Ukraine.


13:55 A total of 325 Ukrainian military men were killed and 1,232 were wounded in the course of the antiterrorist operation in the east of Ukraine, a spokesperson of the information center of the National Security and Defense Council Andrii Lysenko has told a briefing.

A total of 53 military men of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were held hostage by terrorists in Donetsk and Luhansk regions as at July 23.


14:01 Russia's gas monopoly Gazprom and Centragas Holding AG have decided to close RosUkrEnergo AG (Switzerland), register of legal entities of Switzerland reads.

It also reads that the decision to close the company was taken on July 10.

Gazprom was eyeing closure of RosUkrEnergo.

Before 2009 RosUkrEnergo was the monopoly supplier of gas to Ukraine.

The 50% of RosUkrEnergo belongs to Gazprom and 50% - to the Centragas Holding AG, which is controlled by businessmen Dmitry Firtash and Ivan Fursin.


15:33 Interpol has published information about putting leader of the Right Sector party Dmytro Yarosh onto the international wanted list.

Interpol says Yarosh is suspected of public instigation to terrorist and extremist activity via mass media companies.

The suspect is on the wanted list of Russian judicial bodies.

Interpol asks all knowing any information about the person to report to local law enforcement agencies.

In early April Russia sent documents to the Interpol requesting to put him on international wanted list.

In March Basmannyi Court of Moscow (Russia) extra-murally arrested Yarosh.


16:45 The Ministry of Finance considers it appropriate to introduce a 1.5% war tax on personal incomes.

Deputy Finance Minister Volodymyr Matviichuk announced this at a news briefing.

"We agreed with the parliamentary deputies' proposal on the possibility of introducing a special war tax of 1.5% of wages," he said.

According to the deputy minister of finance, introduction of such a tax will generate UAH 2.9 billion for defense by the end of 2014.

"So that these funds can be directed into the general fund of the state budget at this difficult moment," said Matviichuk.

According to him, the other plans include reduction of the wages of civil servants.

The Cabinet of Ministers decided on April 1 to issue bonds worth UAH 1 billion for sale to legal entities and treasury bonds worth UAH 100 million for sale to individuals with the aim of raising funds for supporting the Ukrainian army.


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