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Ukraine in brief. Thursday, July 17

Ukraine in brief. Thursday, July 17

Sanctions against Russia, debt for delivered gas, refugees from ATO zone, Poroshenko vetoes government aid, Ukrnafta to transfer dividends, Russian military plane shoots down Ukrainian, Odesa portside plant's privatization, GDP, inflation forecast.

07:43 The United States has introduced sector sanctions against Russia's Gazprombank public joint-stock company, Novatek open joint-stock company, Rosneft open joint-stock company and Vneshekonombank, press service of the U.S. Department of the Treasury has said.

According to the report, on Thursday, the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Department of the Treasury following respective order of U.S. President Barack Obama presents the list of sector sanctions. On April 28, the United States introduced additional visa and financial sanctions against seven Russian officials and 17 companies.

On March 20, the United States imposed sanctions against 20 Russian citizens and the Russia Joint-Stock Bank public joint-stock company due to violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine by Russia.


08:08 The Naftogaz of Ukraine national joint-stock company says that the debt of the municipal heat distribution enterprises, thermal power plants and direct industrial consumers for the delivered natural gas was UAH 19.8 billion as at July 15, the company said.

According to the report, last week Kyiv-based Kyivenergo company paid a part of its debt (UAH 766 million) thus, reducing its total debt only by UAH 36 million at the expense of consumed and paid natural gas in June.


12:08 About 43,000 people have moved from Donetsk and Luhansk regions to other regions of the country during the period of the antiterrorist operation, chairperson of the State Emergency Situations Service Serhii Bochkovskyi has told a briefing.

Besides, the head of the Authority said that in the zone of antiterrorist operation created was new transit unit, which is now working in backward regime accepting those, who return to Sloviyansk (Donetsk region).

Kharkiv region registered 16,690 emigrees from Donetsk and Luhansk regions as at July 7.


13:03 President Petro Poroshenko has applied the veto right to the law by which the Verkhovna Rada provided government aid to persons who had to leave their permanent residences since the temporary occupation of Crimea and since the anti-terror operation in Ukraine's eastern provinces, reads the page of relevant bill No.4998-1 at the parliament website.

Poroshenko opines, in the adopted version the law does not ensure creation of an integral mechanism of provision of State aid and protection of rights and interests of internally displaced persons; it contains provisions contradicting to the constitutional principles of guarantees of citizens' rights, and the constitution itself.

Therefore, the President is proposing to reject the law.

The Rada endorsed this law on June 19.


13:40 Prime Minister Arsenii Yatseniuk has ordered Ukrnafta, the largest oil mining company in Ukraine, to transfer UAH 1.3 billion of dividends to the state budget, Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Yurii Prodan has told a news briefing.

Prodan says that one of difficulties in convoking the shareholder meeting is impossibility to locate several members of Ukrnafta's supervisory board.

Nevertheless, the minister says all measures will be taken to ensure the Ukrnafta shareholder meeting held.

In 2012 and 2013 Ukrnafta was holding no general shareholder meetings or making decisions to pay dividends.

The Naftogaz of Ukraine national joint-stock company owns 50% plus one share in the Ukrnafta public joint-stock company, and companies affiliated with PrivatBank own about 42%.


14:06 On July 16 a plane of the Russian Armed Forces shot down Ukrainian Armed Forces' Su-25 plane, which was fulfilling tasks in Ukraine's territory, National Security and Defence Council information centre spokesman Andrii Lysenko has told a news briefing.

The spokesman underlines, the pilot ejected himself from the aircraft and was evacuated to safe place by Ukrainian Armed Forces subunits, he was not injured.

Moreover, Lysenko says on July 16 at about 13:00 terrorists from a man-portable air defence system damaged a Su-25 plane which was attaining a combat task.

The pilot successfully completed an emergency landing and escaped unscathed.

The jet was slightly damaged, it is being repaired now.


16:35 The Cabinet of Ministers is likely to worsen the forecast of GDP decline in 2014 from 3% to 6-6.5% and inflation from 12% to 19%,.

Finance Minister Oleksandr Shlapak says the Government at the July 17 session did not pass draft amendments to the 2014 state budget, the document is supposed to be endorsed on July 18.

The Government is not planning to adjust upwards the state budget deficit or cut social payments, he added.

Cuts are planned on the state sector of the economy, programmes concerning ministries and agencies (except security agencies).


16:42 The State Property Fund expects to receive USD 600 million from Odesa portside plant's privatization, State Property Fund Acting Chairman Dmytro Parfenenko said at a press-conference.

Parfenenko counts on at least four companies interested in buying the plant.

As was reported, the State Property Fund planned to put up 94.567% of the shares in the Odesa portside plant for sale in November.


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