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Ukraine in brief. Wednesday, July 16

Death in Libya, explosion on Donetsk railway, separatists not to conduct ceasefire talks, wounded and killed military in ATO, killed and injured Ukrainian women in the Moscow underground.

09:27 The Foreign Affairs Ministry says one of the 19 Ukrainian citizens, sentenced for 10 years in Libya, has died, the Ministry's communications policy department has announced.

"In the early hours of July 14, on the ground of security 19 our compatriots were moved from Tripoli to Zintan (170km from the capital). Upon arrival at the destination, one of the imprisoned was rushed to local hospital for reasons of health and soon afterwards he died there," it stressed.

In view of this, on July 15 they sent a note of protest to the Libyan party on the negligence that led to death of a citizen of Ukraine, and once more pronounced the demand to clench the matter of returning the citizens back to Ukraine as soon as possible.

The foreign-policy agency says a general court in Tripoli continues proceedings in the 19 Ukrainian citizens' case.

The said Ukrainians have been under arrest in Libya since August 2011.


12:05 On July 15 unidentified culprits blew up a section of the Novobakhmutivka-to-Horlivka block of Donetsk Railway, reads a statement made by the Railway.

The agency says up and down lines in the 38th km of the Novobakhmutivka-to-Horlivka block were blown up at 22:50.

Train movements have been suspended on the affected stretch.

The Ilovaisk - Horlivka - Ocheretyne suburban train has been restricted till the station Horlivka.

The Railway is assessing the extent of damage.

State rail transport administration Ukrzaliznytsia has restored 38 of the 127 infrastructure facilities impaired in the battle action during the anti-terror operation.


12:28 The Trilateral Contact Group of senior representatives of Ukraine, the Russian Federation and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe points to separatists' unwillingness to conduct ceasefire talks, reads a statement made by the OSCE press service.

It says the Group met in Kyiv on July 15, 2014.

An OSCE supported monitoring and verification mechanism coming into effect simultaneously with the entry into force of the cease-fire; the implementation of an effective border monitoring; the release of all hostages; the start of inclusive dialogue.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Vladimir Putin of Russia stand for the soonest direct parley between the Ukrainian authorities and separatists via video conference.


13:27 Eleven Ukrainian servicemen were killed on July 15 in the anti-terror operation (ATO) in eastern provinces, National Security and Defence Council information centre spokesman Andrii Lysenko has told a news briefing.

The spokesman underlines, when carrying out works on restoring the infrastructure of Slovyansk, Donetsk Region they found hundreds of terrorists' bodies, abandoned and strewn with soil, some from burial grounds, the NSDC says some deliberately mined by militants.

258 servicemen have been killed in the ATO as of July 15.


14:33 The military-medical department of the Defence Ministry says 672 servicemen with the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been wounded in the anti-terror operation (ATO), director of the department, Vitalii Andronatii, has told a news briefing.

This number includes the servicemen injured but not evacuated from the ATO zone.

As to Andronatii, terrorists are deliberately hindering the taking-out of such soldiers, shooting up ambulance lorries, opening fire at the medics who are providing first aid.

The department chief says 31 military are in intensive care.

Former Chief of General Staff/Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Mykhailo Kutsyn says 330 servicemen have been killed and 639 wounded in the ATO.

The National Security and Defence Council says 258 military have been killed and 922 wounded in the ATO.


17:33 A female citizen of Ukraine was killed and three more Ukrainian women injured after the accident in the Moscow underground in Russia on July 15, reads a statement made by the Foreign Affairs Ministry's press service.

"It has been revealed that among those perished is a 56-year-old female citizen of Ukraine, whose body was identified today, in the forensic medicine mortuary Tsarytsyno. All bodies have been identified, no other Ukrainian citizens among those perished," the statement said.

Two of the hurt Ukrainian women received first aid and refused to go to hospital, one Ukrainian woman is in 13th trauma unit of the city clinical hospital 64 of Moscow.

The situation is under control of the Foreign Affairs Ministry and Ukraine's Embassy in the Russian Federation.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the Foreign Ministry has said one female citizen of Ukraine was hurt in the Moscow underground accident.


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