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Ukraine in brief. Friday, July 11

Ukraine in brief. Friday, July 11

Cabinet to cut number of taxes, 4 killed, 16 wounded after mortar attack, Energoatom signs memo on zero failure of nuclear fuel, 24 hours to disconnect Russian channels, Radio-Era FM not to cooperate with Voice of Russia, 30 military killed by terrorists' Grad shelling, Defence Minister affixes no signature of minister's oath, 23 servicemen killed in ATO on July 10

10:05 The Cabinet of Ministers is designed to cut the number of taxes and duties from 22 to eight, reads draft Government Executive Order on approval to the concept of reforming the tax system, Ukrainian News learned from the site of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

The document notes that the leading economies have 10 or less taxes: Germany (nine taxes), China (seven taxes), Spain (eight taxes), the Netherlands (nine taxes), Norway (four taxes), Portugal (eight taxes), France (seven taxes) and Sweden (four taxes).

The Government intends to abolish duty for first motor vehicle registration; the duty for vehicle parking spaces; ecological tax; rent for oil transport; land fees; tariffs for use of radio-frequency resource; duty for special use of water, forest resources, viniculture, horticulture, and hop-growing; surcharge to the current tariff rate on electric and heating energy and natural gas; tourist duty; duty for carrying out certain entrepreneurial activities; and the state duty.

The following eight taxes will be left: corporate income tax; personal income tax; VAT; excise tax; resource tax; estate tax; single tax; flat-sum agricultural tax.


11:47 Four people were killed and 16 wounded after a mortar attack on a bus carrying miners in Luhansk Region, Maksym Timchenko, Chief Executive Officer at the energy holding DTEK (Donetsk), has told a news briefing.

Timchenko says the bus with 40 miners on came under a mortar attack at about 17:30, Thursday not far from the Chervonopartyzanska mine.

DTEK does not yet know who shelled the bus.


13:13 Kyiv-based Energoatom national nuclear power generating company has signed renewed pentalateral Memo on joint actions in the achievement of zero failure of nuclear fuel, Energoatom has said.

The Memo stipulated joining the Rosenergoatom concern (Russia).

"The Zero Failure Of Nuclear Fuel international project provides for the analysis of projecting process, manufacturing and use of nuclear fuel for the development and accomplishment of activities aimed at discovery and exclusion of reasons for failure of nuclear fuel for ВВЭР-1000 reactors," the press service of Energoatom said.

According to the statement, before joining of Rosenergoatom the participants of the project were NJSC Energoatom, JSC CEZ a.s. (Czech Republic), the Kozloduy nuclear power plant, and the TVEL open joint-stock company (Russia), which manufactures nuclear fuel for ВВЭР-1000 reactors.

Energoatom joined the project in 2013.

The major objective of achieving zero failure is the reduction, and better full absence of loss of containment of fuel elements during the operation, in particular, for all types of containment loss.


14:37 The National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting gives TV and radio broadcasting companies 24 hours to disconnect Russian channels, Council member Olha Herasymyuk writes on Facebook.

She remarks, on July 11 the National TV Council is posting the list of broadcasters who rebroadcast content with Russian propaganda.

As to Herasymyuk all TV and radio companies by telephone are warned that they will be stripped of licences if try go on with unlawful activities.

Herasymyuk points to the National TV Council's intention to engage the Prosecutor-General's Office in the issue of disconnection of Russian channels.


14:37 The Radio-Era FM television and radio broadcasting company say it stops cooperation with the Federal State Budgetary Institution Russian State Broadcasting Company Voice of Russia, Ukrainian News learned from a statement made by the TRC press service.

The company says many radio listeners want Russian Federation's programmes to be removed from the air, and also the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting gave notice on this issue.

Radio-Era FM says cooperation with the Russia station terminated over the active pro-Ukrainian position of its staff, who do not find possible any further broadcast on its waves voices hostile to Ukraine.


15:01 About 30 servicemen were killed by terrorists' shelling from a BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launcher in the settlement Zelenopillia, Donetsk Region, Zorian Shkiriak, an advisor to the Internal Affairs Minister for displacing citizens from the anti-terror operation (ATO) zone, has announced.

"I have just spoken to head of the ATO informing task force Vladyslav Selezniov. He says up to 30 security officers were killed," he said.

Shkiriak assumes it can be much more casualties as a result of the shelling.


15:15 Valerii Heletey did not affix his signature to the text of Defence Minister's oath, as seen from a copy of the oath, Ukrainian News Agency has obtained.

The Verkhovna Rada Executive Office at the Agency's request has provided a copy of Heletey's oath which he was reading out after the parliament had voted for his candidacy on July 3.

Apart from the printed oath text, Heletey's last, first and middle names are written by pen, as well as the date, July 3, 2014, but no signature.

Under the Law on the Cabinet of Ministers, Cabinet member assumes office after taking oath.

The person, who has not taken oath on the day of his/her appointment as Cabinet member, shall be deemed as refused the appointment.

Media have reported that Heletey just imitated signing the oath he had been reading out in the parliament.

Photographs show that at the moment when Heletey had to put his signature the pen was capped.

The Rada appointed Heletey as the Defence Minister on July 3.


16:05 Twenty-three servicemen were killed in the anti-terror operation (ATO) on July 10, head of the ATO informing task force Vladyslav Selezniov writes on Facebook.

"I inform officially: 23 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the State Border Guard Service were killed over the last 24 hours while fulfilling special tasks in various areas of the active phase of the anti-terror operation. Ninety-three Ukrainian servicemen and border guards sustained injuries and contused wounds of varying severity," he writes.

All the wounded received qualified medical aid.


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