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Ukraine in brief. Friday, July 4

Ukraine in brief. Friday, July 4

IMF Mission In Ukraine, UK Supports ATO Resumption, Lease Of Gas Transport System, Court Attaches USD 50 Million Smart Holding, Russia Plotting Destabilisation, 40,000 Russian Troops Massed On Ukraine's Border.

09:29 The mission of the International Monetary Fund that has been working in Ukraine since June 24 has decided to prolong its stay until July 9, the mission said.

The mission is in productive discussions with representatives of Ukraine's authorities on governmental comprehensive program for economic reforms in the frames of the stand-by loan agreement.

On June 24, the IMF mission arrived in Ukraine on an official visit.

In late April, IMF approved the stand-by loan program worth USD 17.01 billion for Ukraine and in May it allotted the first tranche worth USD 3.19 billion within the said program.


11:57 The United Kingdom supports resumption of the active phase of the anti-terror operation (ATO) to defend Ukraine's territorial integrity, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office has announced in a press release.

Foreign Secretary William Hague on July 3 spoke to his Ukrainian counterpart, Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin. During the call, he restated the UK's strong support for the Ukrainian government and people, and discussed the practical steps needed to bring peace to the country.


16:43 The Verkhovna Rada is likely to allow lease of Ukraine's system of trunk gas pipelines and underground repositories without the right to convey.

According to the relevant bill, the gas transport system can be leased for the only purpose of Ukraine fulfilling its obligations under the Law on Ratification of the Protocol on Ukraine's Accession to the Treaty Establishing the Energy Community, based on the principles of observance of the State's economic security.

Yesterday at the meeting the Rada rejected permission to lease of Ukraine's system of trunk gas pipelines and underground repositories without the right to convey.

On June 4, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to establish public joint-stock companies named 'Trunk Gas Pipelines of Ukraine' and 'Underground Gas Storage Facilities of Ukraine'.


17:02 The Kyiv Economic Court has attached the USD 50 million, Smart Holding (Kyiv) transferred onto a special account with the National Bank of Ukraine in frames of confirmation of the intent to act as Bank Forum (Kyiv) investor, reads its ruling dated June 27.

The Private Deposit Guarantee Fund took legal action, seeking recovery of UAH 2,315 million from the Bank Forum shareholder Yernamio Consulting (a Cyprus-based company managed by Smart Holding) and two co-defendants, Genesa Publishing House LLC and Graviton.

The Deposit Guarantee Fund explains its demands with inaction by Yernamio Consulting as the majority shareholder has led to the bank's insolvency.

The tribunal has considered the Fund's suit and decided to apprehend the USD 50 million, Smart Holding transferred to confirm the intention of becoming the bank's investor, as a provisional remedy.

On June 26, the Kyiv District Administrative Court declared illegitimate the Private Deposit Guarantee Fund's refusal to transfer Bank Forum assets to its owner, Smart Holding

The Fund is disposed to challenge the judgement.

On June 13, the National Bank decided to liquidate Bank Forum.

Yernamio Consulting Limited (Cyprus), affiliated with Smart Holding, owns 98.77% of shares in Forum bank.


17:05 The National Security and Defence Council says Russia is plotting destabilisation in eight southern and eastern provinces in September and October, NSDC Secretary Andrii Parubii has told a press briefing.

Parubii elucidated, these would be the following Ukraine's regions: Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Kherson, Mykolaiv and Odesa.

The NSDC Secretary also informs, at the moment there is no adequate corridor for evacuation of civilians from the east as such, baffled by terrorists.

On July 2, the National Security and Defence Council said Donetsk Region and Luhansk Region locals' attitude towards the anti-terror operation servicemen had improved.


17:23 The National Security and Defense Council has said that up to 40,000 Russian troops are massed on the border with Ukraine, NSDC Secretary Andrii Parubii announced at a news briefing.

Parubyi stressed that the troops are sometimes in close proximity to the border. In particular, according to him, the troops have tended to be stationed 150 meters from the border.

The NSDC secretary said that a large number of the troops are in the Russian heartland, on military bases, a large group of troops is in the Crimea, and it is strengthening.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the State Border Service has said that the Russian military's artillery positions on the Ukrainian-Russian border are being strengthened.


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